Faith’s 4 Months Immunizations

Good news!  Faith survived her second round of immunizations today :)  No worse for the wear!


Check out her huge band-aids :)


I love seeing her happy and full of smiles after her doctor appointment.   It’s a relief to see because she was just miserable when she was being injected.  I have never heard her scream so loud before… not even with her first round of immunizations when she was 2 months old.   I think it hurt her worse this time because a different nurse gave her the shots, and she wasn’t quick to get the injections over with.  By the time the third and final needle went into her thigh (which hit a capillary, and blood was instantly dripping out of the band-aid)  she was screaming so loud my ears were ringing.  I felt even worse than I did that last time she went through this.    I grabbed her up in my arms after it was over with, and her cries came out in short screams as if she was trying to gasp for air.  Her cry was different this time.  Worse.  It was very unsettling… and I could do nothing about it.   I’ve always hated needles… now I loathe them even more.

On the bright side… Faith did recover a little bit faster than last time.  She didn’t cry as long as she did last time.  In fact, she gave us a few smiles before leaving the office :)   My tough girl.  Tough, tough, tough!

Aside from her immunizations, everything else is perfect.

Weight: 13 lbs. 3 oz (25-50 percentile)

Length: 24 1/4 inches (50 percentile)

Head circumference: 41 1/2 cm (50-75 percentile)

The pediatrician said that Faith’s physical and mental development is that of a 5 1/2 month old!  My smart girl.  The pediatrician said that he expects she will be crawling early.

I’m so glad this emotionally exhausting day is over.  Faith is napping in her swing right now, and I am ready to go to sleep myself.  Sweet dreams everyone ♥

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