Faith Got Her Ears Pierced! ♥

We went to Claire’s in the College Mall today, and got Faith’s ears pierced!

I was so nervous for her.  I had a traumatic experience when I got my ears pierced at 11 years old.  I fainted.  I was super excited to get them pierced, but my body wasn’t happy about it.  I started feeling woozy, and then I was out.  It was a horrible experience for me which caused me additional anxiety problems when I would be in any kind of medical setting that involved needles.

So, in order to spare Faith that grief, I wanted to get her ears pierced while she was a baby so she would have no memory of it.  She did great!  She cried when they were pierced, but she was fine a minute later!  I handed her to Aaron once we were done, and she stopped crying.  Aaron showed her some sparkly jewelry in the store, and she instantly forgot what just happened.  She was awesome :)  I’m so proud of her!

She was so comfortable, we even stopped at the Food Court to eat.  She was talking, smiling, and chewing on her fingers.  She was fine :)  I’m SO glad it was a tolerable experience for her, and she won’t have any recollection of it when she’s older!

My pretty girl ♥

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  1. Was searching for my GF’s blog and came across yours. Started reading and came to your last post about piercing your ears. She looks totally adorable. I did our dd at about the same age.

    This was a perfect age to pierce her ears! I promise you were a smart mommy for doing it now and not a mean one as you wrote. You will have many moms envious of your decision andf wish they had pierced their girls as infants. Babies and little girls with little pierced ears celebrates their femininity and femaleness.

    Our ped encouraged me doing it when mommy could care for them. Also, she gave me some tips for moms having their dd’s ears pierced. Would be happy to share by e-mail with any moms wanting more info.


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