Faith’s First Thanksgiving ♥

Aaron and I are going to make the trip up to northern Indiana on Thanksgiving so Faith can finally meet her Great Grandma.   What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than for my 92 year old Grandma to hold her first Great Granddaughter.  I’ve wanted to go there much sooner, but Faith hasn’t tolerated car rides in the past, and she was also going through crying fits every time she would be around someone new.  She is finally growing out of this, slowly but surely.  So now is the time to Grandmother’s house we go!   We will also get to see the rest of my aunts, uncles, and cousins on my mom’s side that haven’t met Faith, yet.  I seriously cannot wait to take pictures of my Grandma holding Faith.  It will be awesome ♥

I will add more photos to this Thanksgiving post after Thanksgiving!  So check back, soon!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! ♥

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Update – November, 23, 2012.

Faith was VERY good during our 3 1/2 hour drive up north to Grandma’s house.  We stopped and parked a few times so I could nurse her, and then back on the road we went.  She was fine as long as she had a tummy full of milk.  She was talking, smiling, playing with her toys, and fingers.  I’m very proud of her :)

Once we got there, I took Faith into Grandma’s bedroom to see her.  Grandma was awake, and sitting up in bed.  It took her a minute to recognize us, and once she did… her face lit up!  She has been wanting to see Faith ever since she was born!

I loved watching my Grandma hold, hug, and kiss her first Great Granddaughter for the first time.  A couple cousins peered into the room to watch Grandma with Faith.  She kept calling Faith, “Precious.  Faith Precious.”   She kissed her nose, held her hands and kissed them, and caressed her cheeks.  She wiped away a couple tears, and just kept on smiling.  It’s a special feeling to see your Grandma holding your baby.  It was very emotional for me.  It’s a moment I will forever cherish.

We passed Faith around to many more family members, and ate lots of good food.   Click on the thumbnails to view them larger…


After dinner we got together for a family picture.


My cousin, Matthew, couldn’t make it to Grandma’s house because he was sick.  He might have been passing a kidney stone.  He’s the only one not in the picture :(  Fortunately, Faith got to meet Matthew a few days ago when he was driving up north from Alabama to be with us on Thanksgiving.

Matt, I hope you’re feeling better!

On our way back home, Faith once again, did pretty well.  We pulled over a couple times so I could feed her, and she slept most of the way back.  Once we were about a mile away from home, Aaron got a flat tire.  We pulled off the road next to a house, and a pole barn.  Aaron turned on his blinkers, and went out to change his tire.  The wind was picking up, and it was getting much colder.  He realized he didn’t have the right size tool to remove one of the lug nuts.  We were stuck there, and didn’t know what to do.   A few minutes later, guy in a  truck pulled up and asked if we needed help.  He said that a mechanic lives in the house we parked next to, and that pole barn was his shop!  What luck!?  The guy called them up to let them know we had a flat tire.  Shortly after that, an elderly man and woman came out of the house.  The man went to the pole barn, opened it up, and started turning on the lights in there.   Aaron went over to talk to them.  The guy said, “A flat tire? We can get that fixed real quick!”   Aaron drove the car into his shop.  The guy had everything we needed, and he went right to work.  Faith was having a great time looking at everything in the shop.    After the tire was fixed, the guy chatted with Aaron for a bit, while me and my sister, Wendy, talked with his wife, Diana.   They were such a nice couple.  The guy is retired now, but he still had all of his shop tools.  He seemed happy to chat with Aaron and show him his current projects he was working on in his shop.  Diana was so sweet.  She had two gorgeous couches for sale. $75 each!  My sister decided to buy them.  Aaron was ready to pay them for helping change his tire, but they refused.  While we headed back home, I kept thinking just how THANKFUL I am!   Earlier that day I was thinking of the bible verse, “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  His love endures forever.  Psalm 107:1”   God IS GOOD!  His eye was on us when we broke down.  He planned where we would be, and who we would meet to help us!   What a day to thank God for our blessings!  Not only the blessings of family, friends, food, and shelter… but also the blessings of strangers willing to help you, and ask nothing in return!

It was an amazing Thanksgiving day.  I will never forget it ♥


Today we went to Aaron’s parent’s house for Thanksgiving.  Everything was so delicious!  Aaron’s nieces love Faith so much.  It was so much fun watching them together ♥



Faith and her Papaw ♥


Papaw and Lilly ♥


My little turkey butt :)



I had a wonderful day today with Aaron’s family.  I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful husband, and a happy healthy baby.  Aaron, I love you with all my heart.  I love being a part of your family.  I love your mom’s cooking.  I love seeing Faith enjoy being with her Papaw.  I LOVE the thought of spending the rest of my life with you ♥

Best Thanksgiving, ever ♥

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  1. This year’s Thanksgiving was the best so far and the holidays are only going to get better and better through the years. I love you.

    1. Awww he’s such a wonderful husband!! Love you all!!
      and I really really wanted to be there! :) miss you guys,
      and hope to see you soon. and I’m very thankful for those
      kind people helping my friends and for your safety. Wendy
      very awesome you bought the couch! I love that. God was
      watching over his people.

      1. I still think it’s funny that we got a flat tire and pull over onto “Flatwoods” road.. LOL.. I got TWO couches Lidia. :) One Sherry has & will be paying me back for & I got one.. Not bad for Two Full size couches for $75 each.. & their in good condition :) Not a bad deal at all.. :)

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