Uncle Glen… a.k.a. the Sandman.

Faith has never done this before…

The only two places she ever falls asleep is in the swing, or while I’m nursing her.  She has never dozed in the walker, especially while someone comes to visit her, and is touching her face.  Since day one she has always been completely comfortable around her Uncle Glen.  Never any stranger anxiety with him.  Usually she is restless in her walker; always wanting to see more, and do more.  When Glen came to visit, she was perfectly content staring up at him while in her walker, listening to him, and looking at him.  Once he started caressing her cheek, she started sailing off to dreamland.  The cutest thing I ever saw! :)

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  1. Omg that is the cutest thing Ive ever seen!!!
    What a little cutie pie! I just want to pick her up everytime
    I see video and pics!! What a Very Cute Video!

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