Bejeweled Baby ♥

I gave Faith an early Christmas present ♥  It has been 6 weeks since she got her ears pierced, so I replaced her silver ball stud earrings for something a little more sparkly :)



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  1. Sherry,

    Have enjoyed following your blog and how much Faith has been a part of that life. Loved her new sparkly earrings for an “early Christmas” present. They really shine nicely and know she gets lots of compliments on her earrings as our dd has with them. I would say 99% of other moms love them and some have even stopped me asking a 100 questions about having them done at this age. All wish they had done it earlier.

    Had one funny story about a GF of mine who told me not to do it as a baby, but changed her mind after seeing our dd with bling. Too long to leave her, but drop me a note if want to hear it or need some quips for anyone negative on you wonderful decision to give her the “gift of pierced ears” as a baby.

    Love the size and sparkle of Faith’s new earrings. They are perfect centered and totally adorable.


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