Faith is 6 Months Old Today! ♥

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I know I say this every month … but I just can’t help it.   Where has the time gone!? How is it that our baby girl is 6 months old already?  It still feels like I recently slipped off my hospital gown, and came home.  I still have the smell of the hospital in my nostrils.  I still feel the cold fluids filling my veins from the I.V.  I still have my jiggly belly of baby fat!  How could Faith be 6 months old?

Maybe most mothers don’t feel the way I do?  However, I personally have prayed, and waited over a decade to become a wife, and a mother… so now that it’s happened… it feels like life is changing, and growing too quickly!   My heart is joyous that my baby is thriving!  Still… I find myself already missing that tiny little cry from Faith’s mouth.  I miss her looking up at me with eyes that couldn’t fully focus yet.  I miss her contentment at being swaddled and held by me as I nurse her.

Yes… I can’t deny I feel a bit of sorrow.  Father Time is already whisking my little baby away from me.  I believe part of my heart will always want to hold on to those moments when her tiny little body is in my arms, while I nurse her, and my entire world at that moment is just me, and her.

But today is a day of celebration!  No longer will she tolerate the confinements of a swaddle blanket!  Not when she has discovered her amazing hands, fingers, and the taste of her toes!  She loves to walk in her walker… wherever her little feet can take her!  Even when it’s down the hall, and away from mommy and daddy.  She’s an explorer!  Her craving to discover this big wide world is growing more and more ravenous every day!

Yes.  She is 6 months old today.  And today is the day she will take her first taste of something other than her mama’s milk.  Today is the day she tastes something new, and different that our world has to offer.

So… without further ado… here is Faith … trying her first spoonful of baby cereal…

Here is a picture of Faith in her highchair.  It’s a big beautiful highchair we got from our photography friend, Shelia, who has had this chair in her family for over 30 years! Unfortunately Faith is still a bit too small to sit in it without support, so we fed her in her walker for now.  Still… I had to take this wonderful shot to celebrate this day! :)



Monday is Faith’s 6 month check-up with her pediatrician.  I think she is suppose to be getting another round of immunizations.  This time I will be going alone with her because Aaron will be at work.  I hope she doesn’t cry too much!  I love having the extra support from hubby.  He helps comfort her.  Hopefully we will do ok without him this time!  I will keep you all posted on how it goes! :)

6 months old today ♥  My big girl!

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