Faith’s 6 Month Baby Check-Up

Faith had some more booster shots again at her 6-month appointment, along with her first flu shot.   I think Faith is starting to remember her interactions with the pediatrician and nurses.  Once again, when we laid her down, and the nurse held her legs to prepare for the injections… Faith’s face was full of anxiety, and she was already starting to make fussy noises that were more sounds of fear, than sounds of annoyance.   I can’t stand the miserable feeling I have when watching my little girl lie there helpless, and she is anticipating pain; the worry is clear on her face, yet I can’t stop it from happening. She just looks up at the ceiling with fearful eyes, and waits for the moment of pain.  It’s the absolute worst feeling.  And this time, her cry was heart wrenching to me because it wasn’t a sudden loud, and long scream.  It was sobs.  Like her feelings were hurt worse than ever before, like she felt she was all alone in her pain.  No loud cries, just sobbing… over and over.  I feel like crying just telling you all about it!

Faith did recover fairly well.  I nursed her for a little bit, which helped soothe her.  Aaron showed her some toys to help distract her, and he even got a couple smiles out of her :)  I am just so glad it is over!  I know she is, too!

We decided to have Faith get her first flu shot because of how rampant the virus has been spreading already this winter.  The pediatrician said that just before seeing us, she was with a child that has the flu.  Scary.  The flu is so contagious, and she just walked in to see us right after seeing a child with the flu!  I think it’s inevitable that we will be exposed to the flu virus, especially since it spreads through the air; sneezing, and coughing.  I just hope the flu vaccine that Faith, me, and Aaron got will keep us healthy.  However, I know it may not keep us from getting the flu.  The nurse mentioned that a child did recently contract a different flu strain, after being vaccinated.  So, unfortunately, there is a different strain of flu out there.  All that’s left now is a hope and a prayer that we stay healthy.

One last thing I wanted to mention.  While talking with the nurse, before we seen the pediatrician, she asked us some standard preliminary questions.  One of them was, “Do you have any concerns with your daughter?  Anything abnormal?”  Aaron blurted out, “Well she is always doing algebra.  We don’t know what to do about that….”  The nurse had a serious look for a couple seconds, then burst out laughing.  When she recovered from her fit of giggles, and tried to continue with her questions, she started laughing hysterically again! My God, her face was turning red.  Yes, my hubby is hilarious :)

My tough daughter ♥  She survived another round of shots!  You go girl!  Mommy and Daddy are super proud!!! :)


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