Faith’s New Friend ♥

When I was a little girl, I had this beautiful, life-sized baby doll.  Her name was Crissy.  The length of her long red hair was adjustable.  A pull-string in her back would shorten it, and by pulling on her ponytail, you could lengthen it.  I loved that doll.  I don’t know what happened to it, but a couple years ago my mom found a vintage Crissy doll in mint condition on Ebay, and bought it for me :)

Today, I introduced Faith to her new friend ♥

1M9C1667 1M9C1670 1M9C1673 1M9C1681 1M9C1683 1M9C1695 copy 1M9C1724 1M9C1729 1M9C1735 1M9C1736

And the adventures with Crissy continue… :)


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  1. Beautiful photography ! Such adorable pictures that Faith will treasure.
    I love all of them, expecially the one where she’s checking out her hair.

  2. Cute.. :) It’s too bad we don’t have all of our toy’s from our childhood.. Guess we’ll have to keep looking.. At least you have enough Strawberry Shortcake, and I have my Rainbow Brite Doll.. :) Well actually you have the Rainbow Brite doll for now..

  3. Love Baby Crissy! I didn’t have much luck with dolls. My two stinkin’ brothers liked to rip the heads off and use them for batting practice!

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