Mommy’s Coffee ♥

I started drinking my mom’s coffee when I was 3 years old.  Anytime she would turn her back, I would grab her mug and take a swig.  So yummy.  Warm, sweet and creamy… and of course it made me so hyper I could play all day long!  Nothing could stop me!  I knew from a young age that coffee was GREAT! :)

Now, of course, I would never let Faith drink my coffee.  Not now, and not when she’s a toddler.  So no hate mail please :)  When she becomes a sleep deprived teenager, not wanting to get up for school… then yes, I’ll lure her out of bed with a nice hot cup of lovely caffeine if she wants it.   And yes…. I do believe she will  want it :)

Faith has been fascinated with my cup of coffee for months now.  She smells it, and instantly her mouth opens, and her eyes grow big!  I wish she would behave this way when I try to feed her baby food.  I have now introduced her to baby cereal, squash, and sweet potatoes.  She has no interest in it.  Her little mouth stays clamped shut!

This morning I let her play with my empty mug of coffee.



There goes the teething ring!…





And the world fades… it’s just her and mommy’s mug…



I started laughing so hard, she turned to look at me, but STILL can’t take her mouth away from the mug…




Trying so hard to get a taste…




Where’s the coffee, mama?  C’mon!


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  1. If she hates to be spoon-fed but loves grabbing what mommy has, maybe she’ll like the “baby-led weaning” way. Have you ever heard of it? I bet you wouldn’t love the mess it causes, though ;)

    Oh, by the way, it looks like Top Baby Blogs is resetting its counter. Might be a chance for a surprise uplifting?

    1. I never heard of “baby-led weaning.” I will be Googling that to find out more! I don’t mind the mess. That’s part of the fun. I want it to be an enjoyable experience for her :)

      Thanks for the head’s-up about Top Baby Blogs resetting their counter. Maybe I can get back on page #1! Thanks again!

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