Johnson’s Buddies Easy-Comb Detangler

This is the first product review that I give a thumbs-down.  Johnson’s Buddies Easy-Comb Detangler.  If your baby has sensitive skin, don’t buy this product.



It says on the back of the bottle that it has been “allergy tested.”


Allergy tested?  Really?

This spray-on detangler turned Faith’s skin bright red.  In the photo below you can see the red blotchy line where the detangler dripped on the side of her face.


I suppose I can return it at CVS where I bought it, but I would rather call Johnson’s & Johnson’s and complain. I know that babies with sensitive skin can have reactions to many products, but Johnson’s & Johnson’s stated on their product that it has been allergy tested!   Clearly, Faith had an allergic reaction to this product.

I think I should start looking into organic all-natural baby products.


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  1. Poor baby. I’m glad you share this info on your blog to help other mothers. I have sensitive skin, too. I know how frustrating (and itchy) that can be.

    I shared your video of Faith gurgling/purring with my Mom. She loved it! We played it over a couple times just to listen to her laugh and purr!

  2. I gave up on all things Johnson’s related for this very reason. My little Ameli was very allergic to it, even the ‘sensitive’ skin stuff. It’s so full of rubbish, toxic ingredients, I’m not sorry to see the back of it! Julia at A Little Bit Of All Of It has a GREAT post on natural baby care, including products you can make at home. Hope that helps!

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