Faith is 8 Months Old Today ♥

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In only 4 months Faith will be 1 YEAR OLD.  In just 4 months!  The flowers are already trying to grow, and in a couple weeks it will be Spring!  Warm weather will be upon us in no time, and then BLAM!!!…. Faith will be a 1 year old.

Aaron said to me today, “It does pass quickly, doesn’t it?”  It truly does. Aaron and I started talking about her first birthday :) We started getting excited about what gift to get her.  We decided we will get her a sandbox :)   We would like to have a big backyard birthday party for her with lots of balloons and birthday decorations! Aaron is thinking about making a picnic table, too.  We would grill burgers, and hotdogs, and have lots of yummy side dishes.  I can’t wait!  I want to make her a Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake.  I have a Strawberry Shortcake cake mold…



I was also thinking about making cute little cupcakes too, and displaying them on a tiered cupcake stand I have.   And of course, I will make Faith her own special little cake for her to dig in!  So much fun! :)

8 months old today :)  My baby is turning into a little girl ♥







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  1. They sure do grow fast! She looks so adorable and I love all the Strawberry Shortcake clothes, blanket and birthday party ideas are great!! The cake and cupcakes, the whole birthday will be great! Happy 8 mths old Faith! oxo

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