Faith’s First Haircut

Yesterday I decided to finally even-out Faith’s unruly hair.  What caused me to finally decide is the deep scratch Faith made on her cheek :(  She has been messing with her ears a lot because of the long fine hairs that have grown just behind her ears.  Those hairs keep tickling her, and she keeps itching her ears.  Yesterday she accidentally scratched herself across her cheek while messing with her ear; a nice bloody welted gash.  She bawled.  You could tell that scratch must have stung!  So, later that evening, after her bath, I started trimming her long fly-aways, and evened it all out.  I really didn’t want to have her hair cut until she was at least a year old, but her hair was just begging to be fixed!  Her hair was just so strange!  Some parts of her hair was so short, maybe a half inch, while other parts were about four inches long!  Crazy hair.  Sooner or later a major haircut was inevitable.

Her hair use to look like this….



Now it looks like this …

1M9C3024 1M9C2961

Poor little thing.  Look at that nasty scratch…


Although her curls have gone bye-bye for a little while … she’s still beautiful! :)

1M9C3047 1M9C3051


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  1. Great job her hair looks adorable and well cut!
    I saved Lilys hair too :) & Charlies, they both had a head full of hair! She looks older with her hair cut now. It was same when I first cut my kids hair too. They looked few months older. :) The curls will be back :) she’s Beautiful!

  2. How cute Faith looks. Good job on the haircut ! In some of these pictures of Faith,
    I see you all over again, beautiful sparkling eyes, big smile, happy little girl.

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