Faith’s 9 Month Baby Check-Up

Faith was excited to hop in the car and go out yesterday!  Little did she know that this time she would be going back to the doctor :(  Poor thing, she remembers that table with the crisp white crackling paper underneath her.  Just sitting on it made her cry :(  She was crying while getting her measurements done… all the while anticipating a sharp pinch I’m sure.

But no shots today!  She did get a prick in the finger though… and she cried.  At least it wasn’t a hold-your-breath-til-your-face-turns-purple kind of scream.  She had a small blood test for lead and iron.  It came back normal.  No anemia, and no lead in her system.  Yay!

She now weighs 17 pounds and 10 ounces, and is 27.5 inches long.

One concern we have is that she still is not eating baby food on a regular basis.  So we talked it over with the doctor, and she wants to do a swallow evaluation on her.  Basically, Faith will eat food that is dyed, and they will see exactly how she swallows food.  I know Faith can eat and swallow pureed food fine, but when she tries to eat textured food, she gags, and wants to spit it back out.  She has very little interest in food that is age appropriate for her.  However, she shows a hunger for me and Aaron’s food.  If she could, she would eat a big fat double cheeseburger.  She smells it, and opens her mouth, and wants to eat it BAD.  But once I put a small piece of something in her mouth, she doesn’t like the feel of it and spits it right back out.  We’re just getting no where.  Her main interest is still breast milk.  So we will see what information we can find out after her swallow evaluation, and see what they would suggest we do.

Personally, I think she will eat just fine when she’s ready.   I will be weaning her when she is 12 months old though … so she needs to start eating food.  A real serving of food on a daily basis.

The doctor said, “Puree a hamburger and see if she will eat it.”  I think that is what I will do! :)


Poor thing got a little band-aid on her finger …



The rest of the day was great!  Playing outside in the grass and the sunshine! :)






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