Faith’s 2nd Oral Examination

Faith and I went to her follow-up appointment to continue evaluating her eating issues.  We met with Megan this time; a different oral therapist.   She is very nice, but once again Faith was shy, very quiet, and just took in everything that was around her.  We tried to get her to eat a little applesauce, but again, she wasn’t interested in eating.  She played with a few toys, but mostly just wanted to stay on my lap.

Megan suggests we take a step back with her eating.  No more textured foods.  And for now, eating food is only for play.  She suggests we primarily give her hard food to gnaw on, like carrot sticks, celery sticks, Gerber teething biscuits, whole pickles, etc.   Faith will have full control of what goes in her mouth with these types of foods, since she will be the only one to hold it.  Megan said that these types of foods can help her suppress her gag reflex, (since she has an overly sensitive gag reflex) and help train her tongue to push the food from side to side.   We can dip a carrot stick in applesauce or other smooth pureed foods once she becomes more comfortable.

So Aaron went to the store to get carrots, celery, pretzel sticks, Slim Jims… lots of stick food! :)   And so far… Faith is really enjoying her carrot stick! :)




Faith will continue going to therapy for awhile.  Hopefully with continued appointments we will get her on track with her eating!  Please keep her in your prayers!  Thank you!

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