Faith is 11 Months Old Today! ♥

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In exactly 1 month it will be Faith’s very first birthday.  Where has the year gone?   It always amazes me when I see a baby grow and change so much in just their first year, and now that I’m a mother,  I am still amazed. Every day there is something new to see.  She has grown so fast, and learned so much in just 11 months. She has developed such a sweet expressive face.  Her eyes show her thoughts and feelings so clearly.  She just adores the world she lives in!  We are so blessed to have such a joyous girl in our lives.

She is very close to walking!   I really believe she can walk around all she wants now, but she is nervous about it which makes her hesitant.  However, she does frequently take a couple steps towards me, Aaron, or towards another piece of furniture.  Just a couple little steps all on her own, but it’s a start :)  It won’t be long now!

She still isn’t a big fan of eating solids, but she has improved some.  I will be giving Faith her own little smash cake for her birthday.  I don’t know if she will want to eat any, but I’m sure she will enjoy digging into it and playing with it!

She loves going out with us.  When we go to the grocery store, or Lowes, she loves sitting in the cart and is content with so much to look at.  She sometimes wiggles around in her seat; does a little dance, and babbles real loud to show how excited she is to be out and about with her mommy and daddy!  She likes seeing little kids in the aisles, and she loves looking at everything on the shelves.  When I say, “You want to go bye bye in the car?”  Her eyes light up and she smiles so big!  I love seeing her so happy!

I’ve already begun preparing for her little backyard birthday party.  We’re so excited to celebrate her special day with friends and family.  I know Faith is too young to really remember her first birthday, but will take lots of pictures and videos!

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