Will she ever sleep through the night?

I am preparing to help Faith start sleeping through the night.  I believe there is no way to truly avoid the “cry it out method.”  It is inevitable there will be tears.  She will be weaned next month, so Faith has to stop expecting to be nursed back to sleep several times a night.  Before I start letting her alone in her crib throughout the night, I want to introduce to her some self soothing toys.

I’ve seen lots of “loveys” in the stores.  There are cute little blankets with soft animal heads attached to them.  They are like modern day security blankets.  They’re very cute.  Here’s a few pics of some of them …


So instead of buying one, I decided to crochet her one…




Now that it is made, it will smell like me a little.  I’ve heard that if you put a shirt of yours in the crib, your smell will comfort them throughout the night.   I have been nursing her with her new owl lovey today… hoping to associate nursing/cuddling with her new security blanket.   I sure hope her owl blankie will become a successful self-soother.  She is now asleep in her crib, and holding onto it! :)



There is one more thing I want to get her to help distract her from being alone in her crib.  It’s a Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Aquarium.

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

I saw this soother toy in Target, and I think Faith will be mesmerized by it.  The lights make it look like moving water, and the oceans sounds and songs are very pretty.  It even has a remote control so I can turn it on and off without going into the room to disturb her.  Once I get this toy, I will start leaving her alone in her crib, and hope for the best!

As for tonight, she is getting aquainted with her owl friend :)  I knew she would like the owl because one of her favorite night-time lullaby videos has an owl in it … she loves this :)


Sweet dreams!

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