Hubby’s Bday ♥

Yesterday was my husband’s 37th birthday.  I had to be creative, and find out a way to make it special with little to no money.  Fortunately, there was a local free event at a vineyard here in town.  He loves the vineyard.  It’s so beautiful.  So I made egg salad sandwiches, grabbed some snacks and drinks, and we picnicked at the vineyard.  Simple, sweet… and he enjoyed it :)


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I made him a chocolate birthday cake, meatloaf, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, and garden-fresh broccoli we got from his parent’s garden.



I also made him a birthday card, and traced Faith’s hand while she was sleeping to make it extra special.  He liked it :)




Now, the weekend is over.  Here it is Monday morning.  Made my new cinnamon spice Dunkin Donuts coffee… so yummy!



Bird watching and breakfast …



And I found a little love note on the fridge …






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