Faith’s Miss Mushi Socks from Yochi Yochi ♥

Faith isn’t a big fan of wearing socks.  She loves being barefoot.  She is much more interested in pulling her socks off than keeping them on.  That’s why in all her pictures she’s always barefooted, or wearing sandals.   However, when I saw these Miss Mushi socks from Yochi Yochi, I knew it would be something she would like!


First thing she did when I put them on her was say “Ooh!” and point to the little ladybugs on her toes.  The cool thing about these socks is that they have little rattles in the toes!  And they aren’t loud and obnoxious rattles that annoy you with every step.  It’s a soft rattle sound.  When she held the socks close to her face, she could hear the sound, and she smiled :)  They are like toys for her feet! Lol! So cute.


They are stretchy and soft, and they don’t slip off her feet.  She loves pointing to the eyes on her toes.  Needless to say, she has kept these socks on! ;)


Check out their page at!  They even have squeaky shoes, too!  Or check them out on Facebook!

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