Faith’s 1 Year Baby Check-Up

Yesterday Faith had to go to her 1 year check-up.  Her regular pediatrician had to leave for an emergency delivery at the hospital, so we saw Dr. Ross instead.  Faith is naturally comfortable around men much much more than women, so seeing Dr. Ross was a good thing!  She still tends to be so shy around women… and also afraid of them when she’s at the doctor’s office.  She remembers immunizations from before :(

Dr. Ross is SO friendly, and funny… Faith was waving at him, smiling, and trying to smack the keys on his laptop the entire time he was in the room…. until he had to examine her.  When it came time to hear her heart, check her ears, eyes and mouth… she squirmed in my lap, started fussing, and did everything to pull away from him.  Still… she didn’t cry though!  Just a little fussing and stubbornness, but no tears.  She leaves the tears for the ladies with the syringes.

Faiths development is great!  She is 29.4 inches tall which is in the 50-75 percentile for her age.  So she is average/a bit above average height.  As for her weight, she is 19 lbs and 1 oz which is actually in the 10-25 percentile for her age.  That’s not great; it’s below average.  However, Dr. Ross said he is not worried at all that she is a bit on the thin side because she has just started learning to walk and is burning much more calories now.  So a dip in her weight is expected.  As for her motor skills (gross motor and fine motor) and her communication skills, she is doing perfectly.

After Dr. Ross left, I sat her back on the table to wait for the nurse with the injections :(



She looks nervous in this picture.  I couldn’t stand that feeling that in just a moment I would be subjecting her to pain, and there is nothing she can do about it.  When the nurse came in, I laid Faith down, and she started crying; her eyes big with fear.  She remembers.  Poor thing.  I held her hands while the nurse pinned her legs down, and when Faith received the first injection, she started bawling, but not screaming.  I was relieved she didn’t belt out any blood curdling screams.  Faith simply laid still; even her arms were limp.  She wasn’t fighting me, or the nurse.  She just cried.  When it was over I scooped her up, and she was blubbering a bit.  It wasn’t too awful this time.  I quickly asked her, “Do you want to go outside?”  And she stopped crying!  If she could speak she would have said, “Hell yes!”  I grabbed the diaper bag, and we were off down the hall.  She was pointing at pictures on our way out, and saying, “Ooh!”  All was well in the world again :)

When we got home, we played outside for a little while.  I didn’t want her thinking about her visit with the doctor.  When we went out into the backyard, she walked out to see her little buddy …




Being outside always makes her happy!





After a while, she was starting to get crabby.  Those shots were kicking in and making her feel yucky.  All she wanted to do was snuggle.



I just loved on her until Daddy came home and then it was his turn ♥


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