Sponsored: Comforts for Baby Product Review

When Comforts for Baby contacted me about trying out some of their products, I welcomed the opportunity as I am already familiar with some of their items.  I got their package a few days ago which was filled with lots of goodies!




Comforts for Baby wipes



Comforts for baby powder



Comforts for Baby cotton swabs



Comforts for Baby Diapers



Comforts for Baby oil




I already have a large bottle of their baby oil which I’m almost finished with…



And this is our second buy of Comforts for Toddler Little Puffs which Faith LOVES!

Now I normally buy Pampers diapers, and wipes.  I have always stuck with Pampers because they fit her well with zero blow-outs.  The Comforts for Baby diapers fit her comfortably and are just as absorbent as Pampers.   Comforts for Baby diapers also passed the blow-out test!  Not to mention they are more affordable than Pampers, so I am now switching to Comforts for Baby diapers.  Plus, Faith adores bumble bees :)



I like that the Comforts for Baby wipes are fragrance free because I always try and steer clear of anything that can irritate her skin.   The Comforts for Baby oil and powder are also gentle on her skin.  I always rub her down with baby oil after her baths, and also put a little in her hair to tame her curls.  I have always used Comforts for Baby oil, and I love it!



If you haven’t tried out some of their diapering and bath products, I encourage you to try them out!  Great products, and more money left in your pocket!  Also you can snag some coupons from their site!  www.comfortsforbaby.com

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