Dinner is in the Freezer!

Now that classes have begun, I will be burying my face in textbooks until December.  So, I began freezing homemade meals for two people.  I really want to reduce the amount of time and money we spend on pre-packaged, processed, frozen dinners, and going out to eat.  I want healthier, home-cooked food for me and my family.  Since I won’t be able to cook a good dinner for us every night.  I wanted to start stock-piling a nice variety of homemade, home-cooked frozen dinners for us all.

Tonight I started with lasagna!  I found little aluminum trays with lids at Kroger.  They’re the perfect size for small lasagnas.  I didn’t want to mess with lasagna noodles.  Instead, I wanted to use up the penne pasta I had in my pantry.  I cooked ground beef and sausage.  Bought some mozzarella and ricotta cheese.  3 jars of spaghetti sauce.  And I went to work!


This is the perfect size for me, and Aaron!  Nice cardboard lids, too, for stacking them in the freezer.




First a layer of pasta and meat sauce.




Next layer is ricotta cheese mixture.




Another layer of pasta and meat sauce.




Mozzarella cheese on top!




Place cardboard lid on top, and seal.




Into the freezer it goes!  I made FIVE lasagnas!  This will be perfect for the chilly autumn nights to come!  Good food for the family!  Quick and easy!… and back to studying I go!




What other dinners are easy to freeze?  Any suggestions?

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