She’s talking in sentences!

Not only did Faith say her first sentence today, she said TWO different sentences!   The first sentence she said was this morning.  She woke up, and I laid her on the bed to change her diaper.  She looked over at daddy’s side of the bed, and saw he wasn’t here.  She said, “Dada wok.”   I said, “Yes! Daddy is at work!”

The next sentence she said was just a few minutes ago.  We were playing with her teacups.  I hid her teacup underneath my feet.  She looked up at me and said, “Whey go?”   I said, “I don’t know! Where did it go?”  I was so excited!  She’s finally stringing words together!

She is 17 months old today.  No longer my little baby.  She is a my little girl, chatting away!

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