I want to thank the ones in my life that have comforted me, and prayed for me these past few weeks.  I really appreciate it.

On a happy note, I wanted to blog about my baby girl.  About how happy she is.  Isn’t it amazing how joyous children are?  For no rhyme or reason.  Just because.  The other day Faith and I went grocery shopping.  It was chilly out.  As I grabbed her up out of the car seat, she was already smiling and squirming in my arms.  She pulled her knees up to her chest as I held her closely.  I said, “It’s chilly out isn’t it.  Do you hear the birdies?”  She buried her face in my chest, and I could actually feel her smiling.  Joy.  Profound happiness.  Just because.

I wish wholeheartedly that adults could still feel this joy.  This type of joy only comes from innocence.  A blind trust in the world you live in. What an amazing world it would be if only we could truly trust one another, and most importantly, have full faith and trust in our Heavenly Father to care for us.



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