Front Yard Makeover!

We were busy this Memorial Day weekend.  I finally decided to go for it and trim the huge pine tree in our front yard.  I have been contemplating this for a few years now, and have been hesitating because I didn’t want it to look like a hack job, or make the branches look lopsided.    But this spring has made our pine tree branches grow out longer, and we have to duck under the branches to mow our front yard.  The branches are also extending into the street and in our driveway…. so, we got out the bow saw and started mapping out which branches to cut.


Before trimming…

20140524_161524 20140524_161533


After trimming…



We have a front yard now!  We can walk around easily without fear of getting our eyes poked out by branches!  It turned out better than I thought it would.  We took extra care to make the branches look symmetrical all around, and I’m relieved that it turned out so well!  Aaron has been wanting to chop down the tree!  But now we both like it :)  We hung a wind chime on a branch, and I think we will hang a few bird houses in the tree as well!  I love it!


I cleaned out my flower bed also this weekend.  I removed all of the old mulch and replaced my old wooden baskets with different flower pots.  Clean and pretty!



Aaron grilled burgers.  I oven roasted some veggies and made a fresh loaf of bread for Memorial Day dinner.  It was a great weekend!


Hello again. Remember me?

I have neglected my blog for far too long.  Now that the semester is over, I have more free time; however this is no excuse to have not blogged more frequently.  I need to make the time to do so.  I don’t have any intention of letting my blog die.  I have far too many stories to share and document as Faith continues to grow and change.

Now that classes are finished, we have been busy doing lots of yard work, and Faith has been busy playing in her pool, sprinkler, and sandbox.

Faith is snuggling in her Froggy blanket after playing outside in the sprinkler.
Faith is snuggling in her Froggy blanket after playing outside in the sprinkler.
Helping with yard work!
Helping with yard work!

Unfortunately we’re having another rainy morning so Faith is coloring and now is my chance to blog for a bit!

Our garden is planted!  Let’s see… we have a cherry tomato plant, a regular tomato plant, green peppers, red peppers, banana peppers, and we also planted quite a few yellow onions.   Everything has wire fencing around it to keep the deer away.  All of this rain has already made our veggies grow quick!


Aaron has been making two new flower beds on each side of our storage barn.  He planted wildflower seeds in them.  I can’t wait to see these large flower beds bloom with wildflowers which will attract butterflies and hummingbirds!  We rented a sod remover tool for just $12 at True Value and it was quick and easy to remove the grass from the new flowerbeds.  We then used all that nice thick green grass in our front yard where some areas were just dirt and weeds.

We had a great Easter!  Aaron’s dad bought 12 little chicks!  So I took the opportunity to take some cute Easter pictures of Faith and the chicks.



Faith is growing so fast, and so is her hair!  The longer it gets, the wilder it gets.  I just can’t control those curls.  I try to tame her hair by putting it in ponytails, but she always ends up pulling them out.



This summer is going to be fun and busy!  I will have lots to share in the weeks ahead!  Faith will be turning 2 years old on July 3rd!  We will be having a very busy 4th of July weekend!  On July 2nd is our wedding anniversary, the next day is Faith’s birthday, and then next day is the 4th of July!  Lots to celebrate!  I’m already brainstorming about what I can do to make the weekend special!  Cake, balloons, fireworks, food, and I have to think of a gift for my hubby!  His birthday is next month, too!  I have lots to do, and lots to blog about so stay tuned!!!

And thank you, my readers, for your continued visits!  Love you! ♥