Baby Update

We had our first ultrasound on Thursday.  It was not what we expected.  The baby could not be seen on the ultrasound through my belly, so they took an ultrasound vaginally.  The baby was not measuring at 8 weeks old, but instead 5 weeks and 6 days old.   When the fetus is this small, the heartbeat cannot yet be picked up on the ultrasound.   The doctor said that either my due date has been miscalculated, or I’m in the early stages of a miscarriage.

I believe they have miscalculated the age of the fetus by almost 3 weeks.  What they did not take into account when estimating my due date is that I don’t get my period every 28 days like most women.  My periods are every 35 to 42 days, so I ovulate much later than most women.  When I informed the doctor that my cycle is 35 to 42 days, then he said, “Ok, if that’s the case then the fetus should be just shy of 6 weeks.”

Since I have been trying to conceive, I’ve been using an app that logs my menstrual cycles, estimated dates I ovulate, and times we have sex.  Looking through my app I noticed that August 29 must have been the day we conceived because that would put the baby at exactly 5 weeks and 6 days old on the day of my ultrasound.  So I do believe the due date has just been miscalculated, and I’m just not as far along as they assumed.   I have had some minor spotting a couple times, but they said that was normal.  They also said that the fetus looks perfectly normal for 5 weeks and 6 days old.

They still wanted to be sure it is not an early miscarriage so I had blood taken after the ultrasound to check my HCG levels, and on Saturday I had blood drawn again to make sure that my HCG levels were rising normally which would indicate the baby is growing normally and is fine.  If the HCG levels drop, this can indicate an early miscarriage.  I got the results back and my HCG levels are barely rising.  They are suppose to double every 48 hours.  My first blood draw showed my HCG levels at around 56,000… and my second blood draw showed my HCG levels at around 68,000.  My doctor said she is not very optimistic, BUT not to lose hope.  I will have another ultrasound next week to see if the fetus is growing, and if there is a heartbeat.

To be honest, I am worried.  I realize, due to my age, that this could be another miscarriage.  I’ve also lost some of my pregnancy symptoms.  The nausea has went away, and I’m not as fatigued.  Despite all of this, we are fervently praying for a healthy baby.  Please, please say a prayer for us.

So… I should be 6 weeks pregnant, but I won’t post another belly pic until we have more information.  For now, I will post a video of Faith playing in the yard with her Daddy ♥



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  1. Praying, Sherry & Aaron. May God lay His hand on this baby & bring it to term into your loving arms. May God grant you peace in this time of waiting & not knowing. He is on control. Hugs!

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