Faith’s 2 1/2 year check-up.

Faith is now 2 1/2 years old.  How time flies… and I haven’t blogged about my baby girl in a long while so here we go!

Her check-up went extremely well today.  No tears!  For the first time ever!  In the past, as soon as a female nurse approaches her, she starts bawling in anticipation of pokes and prods and pain.  But fortunately Faith’s memory of her baby shots are fading, and she has finished her immunization at her 2 year check-up.  So today, as the nurse began examining her (Faith did not have to be on my lap)  she was a brave girl and sat on the table all by herself and simply allowed the nurse to do her thing.  I was so amazed that I just had to begin recording!…

All smiles!  Daddy and I were so so proud of her!  They asked about giving her a flu shot, but I just wanted to spare her grief this time.  She has had so many unpleasant experiences in the past,  I just wanted her to have a happy Dr. visit.

There are some things I am concerned about though, but the pediatrician doesn’t seem to be too worried.  Faith is a skinny girl.  SKINNY.  Her weight is still 25 pounds and that’s in the 10%-25% percentile range for her age.  That means only 10% to 25% of toddlers her age are just as skinny.  Her BMI is worse.  It’s 14.4 and that’s in the 5%-10% percentile for her age!  Only 5% to 10% of toddlers her age are just as skinny.  Most toddlers weigh much more.  However, the pediatrician says that her growth chart is climbing as it should, and although she is skinnier than most toddlers, she is thriving and healthy.  She is a little over 35″ tall and that’s in the 50% percentile for her age so that is good.  She is just a gangly girl, but a healthy one.  I was SKINNY as a child, and so was Aaron… so this is the main reason why she’s a bean pole!  Here is a picture of me at Kindergarten graduation…


And Aaron (left) was almost as skinny!


So I will try not to worry.  Faith is a good eater, and very energetic.  I’m thankful that she is healthy and happy.  Still, I feel like I should let her snack on a stick of butter once in a while ;)

As for her potty training.  It has been difficult.  Last month I put her in undies and we bought her a new little training potty.  All went well for the first day …


She peed in her underwear and it went on the floor the first few times.  She did NOT like seeing that.  I didn’t make a big deal out of it.  I laughed and said,  “Uh-oh!  That’s ok!”  But still, she cried.  On the second day she would not pee in her underwear at all.  Every time I would have her sit on the potty, she continued to hold it. During the day as she played, she kept holding it until she could hold it no longer and she would cry and hold herself, but still would NOT pee.  I would put her on the potty so she could relieve herself, and still she would hold it!  She would continue crying as I hugged her and had her stay on her potty.  I would tell her, “It’s ok to go pee pee now.”  But she simply refused until she could hold it no longer.  Then when the pee came out against her will she would try and get up from the potty, but then she would sit back down because she didn’t want to pee on the floor, and she was in a panic because the pee was coming out and she didn’t want it in the toilet, or on the floor.  She begged for her diaper :(   I decided to wait to potty train, and the pediatrician agrees.  The pediatrician said that most toddlers aren’t ready until 3.   Poor thing.  We have tried everything to make it a pleasant experience for her, but she is simply not ready.  We will try again in a month, and see how it goes.  We want her to relax and enjoy this milestone in her life.

Faith has also began to show some signs of having asthma.  This past summer she had an asthma attack after playing with kids at preschool.  She had to go to the emergency room.  They gave her a breathing treatment and that cleared her lungs.  We were sent home with her own inhaler and air chamber.  She recently had a bad chest cold which also caused her to wheeze.  After a puff of her inhaler she was fine.  I’m an asthmatic, and I hope Faith won’t be burdened with a lifetime of this.  Fortunately when children develop asthma at a young age they usually grow out of it.  I hope that’s the case with Faith.

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