There is about a foot of snow outside!  The sun is shining, and the temperature went up in the 30’s!  So Faith and Daddy went out to play in the snow.  I bundled her up.  Two pairs of pants, and grocery bags went over her socks to keep her feet dry.  A pair of gloves, and mittens over them, too!  She was READY!  Fun fun fun!  Sledding and a snowman!










You may be wondering why I title my blog post, “WINTER SUCKS!”  Well,  when Faith came back inside about 45 minutes later, she was covered in welts.






Wherever her skin was exposed to the cold, or the snow, she was red and had raised bumps like hives or welts.  She wasn’t itching or even complaining but I freaked out and Googled, “toddler playing snow hives red bumps welts.”  I immediately learned that this is an actual condition called cold urticaria.  Cold Urticaria (essentially meaning “cold hives”) is an allergy where hives (urticaria) or large red welts form on the skin after exposure to a cold stimulus. Faith is literally allergic to the cold.  Now, of course, I’m going to take her to the pediatrician to confirm this, but I don’t believe it could be anything else.

Here is a video of a young boy with cold urticaria.

Faith has never had this reaction to the cold before. Last summer she played in the cold water, and was sprayed with the hose, and she loved it. No red skin, and no hives. Faith likes eating ice, and likes cold drinks and ice cream. However, being out in the cold snow for almost an hour was too much for her. Like the video mentioned; people are more likely to have this disorder if there’s a family history of allergies and asthma. Aaron has allergies, and I have asthma :(

When she goes to the pediatrician, they may do a cold test on her where they test her skin with a varying degree of cold temperatures to see what temperate she can tolerate and what temp brings on a reaction. Here is an image I found of a cold test…

LA3Figure2If she is in fact diagnosed with cold urticaria (which I really believe she will be) hopefully they will give her an epi-pen just in case she ever needs it.  Poor baby.  I feel sad.  I want to cry.  I have so many wonderful childhood memories of playing in the snow for hours!  Aaron does, too.  I want her to have those same fond memories of winter.  I hope she will grow out of this.  I’m thankful her reaction didn’t become severe enough to threaten her life!

I will keep you posted on what her pediatrician says.  Please share this post if you know of someone who has experienced this before.  It’s important information to pass along.

Dinner Time!

I’m not a huge football fan, but I like watching the commercials :)  Hubby loves football, so when I decided to make a meatloaf tonight for dinner, I shaped it into a deflated football, and piped on some mashed potatoes.  Wala!  DeflateGate Dinner!

Have a great Superbowl XLIX!