3 Year Check-up!


Faith’s 3 year check up went great! Her height and weight are normal. She is on the thin side but the doctor is fine with that because he usually sees overweight children with bad eating habits. We discussed her cold urticaria and the doctor is not too worried about it. He said she may even grow out of it! Her developmental skills are right on track and he is very pleased. She is fully potty trained! Yay! The one thing left we have to work on is getting her to sleep throughout the night. I honestly don’t think this will ever really happen. She has never slept through the night. I just don’t think she’s hard-wired that way. But I am still optimistic. Maybe once she’s older or when she’s going through a growth spurt she may be tired enough to actually sleep through the night. Or maybe once she’s married and has children of her own, she will finally want to sleep through the night, but then it will be too late lol :)

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