Baby Update

I had a baby checkup today.  Low blood pressure!  112/70.  Normal urine test.  No sugar detected in urine which is a relief to me since I’m concerned about getting gestational diabetes.  Everything is good!

The ultrasound turned out great!  They were able to get better pictures of the spine and she is perfectly healthy and formed!  Also, we FINALLY got to see better pictures of her sweet little face!

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Faith pointed out her nose and mouth and she was able to understand what she was seeing!  She was so excited!  She said, “I can’t wait to be a big sister!” as she walked out of the room holding the pictures of her little sister :)

We all were smiling from ear to ear.  We saw our little baby girl :)  We all saw her little hands moving, her little wiggles and squirms.  I’m counting the days until she gets here! :)

A great doctor visit!  Everything is perfect!  Praise God!!!

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  1. I love seeing these pictures of Baby Girl! I’m glad to hear that you got a great report from the doctor this month. 😃

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