39 Weeks!

Induction is set for Monday evening, April 29th.  I will be 39 weeks and 4 days gestation.  Blood sugar is still good.  Blood pressure is still good. In the 1st trimester I had heart palpitations – skipped heartbeats, extra heartbeats and also a fast heartbeat of 120+.  I haven’t had any issues since then.  Heartbeat pattern and pulse are now normal.  Also my latest non-stress test is normal.  Minimal swelling in my hands and feet.  Urine samples have all been normal.  No signs of preeclampsia.  Still no painful contractions though. I am now 2 cm dilated which is good.  I’ve made some progress on my own, but I am still only about 50% effaced.  Dr said, “This baby isn’t going anywhere.”  Yep, just what I thought… I won’t be going into labor on my own.

This time around, I am not as scared of induction because my blood pressure is normal, and physically I feel fine.  With Faith, I had high blood pressure and lots of swelling.  Induction was harder on my body with Faith because of that, and it greatly increased my blood pressure.  Hopefully this time, induction will go smoother, and praying to God it goes faster!  I would really be grateful if labor/delivery will be less than 30 hours this time :)

39 weeks belly pic!  This is our last belly picture.  Faith has enjoyed doing this with me for 9 months.  (I would always give her a piece of candy as payment after our weekly photo sessions.)



What baby looks like at 39 weeks…



Your baby’s full term this week and waiting to greet the world! She continues to build a layer of fat to help control her body temperature after birth. It’s likely she already measures about 20 inches and weighs a bit over 7 pounds.  The outer layers of her skin are sloughing off as new skin forms underneath.


Lots to update you on with the other things going on in our life.  We sold our house!  Yes, after just two days of being on the market… we had multiple full price offers.  I was sad at first, and I cried when we immediately got our first offer.  It really is a bittersweet experience.  The happy news is that we are getting more for our home than we expected, and we will have a nice chunk of money to put towards are new mortgage!  However, we haven’t found a new home yet.  Fortunately, the people who will be moving into our home are fine with waiting for us to find a new home and then giving us a couple weeks to move out!  Yay for patient people!   Also, Aaron’s home that is currently being used as a rental is in the process of being appraised, and we will be selling his home, too.  Hopefully any additional money from his home sale can also be used towards our new home!

Another update… Aaron is still laid off but he has filed for unemployment and we are doing ok right now.  If you remember, Aaron hit a deer with the work car, and I finally got around to posting our poor Geo Metro on Craigslist.  We hope to get some cash out of it.  Here is the link.  Please share if you know of anyone that might be interested!  http://bloomington.craigslist.org/cto/5551316043.html?lang=en&cc=us.  Aaron’s dad found a good family vehicle for us, so now we will have a 2005 GMC Envoy to drive, and Aaron’s Toyota Matrix will now be his work car. Thank God for the help of family! Things are looking up!  Slowly but surely! :)



One more update.  I spoke with my professor and I am allowed to submit a video of my final oral presentation!  Yay!  She understands that I will not be back in class for the last couple of weeks, and she’s allowing me to finish my assignments online!  I am so glad I can successfully finish my assignments while at home, and get full credit for them!  I got my cap and gown and I’m ready for graduation!  May 13th!  Just 3 weeks away!




I will be so very busy this weekend.  Lots of last minute cleaning to do.  I have to finish packing my suitcase for the hospital.  We have to install Josephine’s carseat.  I’ve already prepared my gift basket for the nurses.  I did this when I was pregnant with Faith, and I definitely wanted to do this again. The hospital staff are wonderful.



Goodness so many changes happening all at once!  Selling our homes, looking for a new home.  Selling a car, buying a newer car. Finishing college and getting my degree!  And last minute nesting in preparation for our new baby girl in just a matter of days!  Can I handle all of this!?   With God ANYTHING is possible!

My next blog post will be filled with photos of sweet Josephine, and details on my birth story.  Life is moving fast!  Stay tuned! :)

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