Welcome Josephine!

We are home and settling in to our new routine.  Lots to update you on!  I’ll start with my birth story…

Induction was set for April 25th.  At around 5:30 we dropped Faith off at grandma’s house, and Aaron and I headed to the hospital.  Thankfully our room wasn’t freezing cold like it was when I had Faith.  They inserted the Cervidil around 8:30 pm.  I had dinner; 2 soft tacos from Taco Bell.  They told me I didn’t need to take my nightly Glyburide for blood sugar.  During the night, I slept ok.  I wasn’t freezing cold, but I had to pee every hour.  When I was in the hospital to have Faith, I was freezing cold all night and had to pee every 20 minutes… I didn’t sleep a wink!   At least this time, the night was a little better for me.  I was so thankful for that.  During the night, I started feeling crampier and crampier.  My whole abdomen was getting extremely tender with every movement, and getting up in the night to pee was painful.  Walking, sitting, and lying back down in bed was extremely uncomfortable, but tolerable.

In the morning, at around 7 am, the contractions were quickly becoming painful.  Fortunately I didn’t puke or have diarrhea like I did when I was in active labor with Faith.  This time, no flu-like symptoms or body shivers so that made things easier.  However, the contractions were much more painful than I ever experienced.  Much more.  I was told labor would be easier the second time, but when it came to the pain.. it seemed it was 5x worse!  The contractions became so intolerable that I ended up asking for an epidural.  Then, they brought in a large yellow “peanut ball.”  I laid on my side and they placed the huge yellow Minion between my legs to help open my cervix even more.  Immediately after it was placed, I felt a pop and my water broke!  About 5 minutes later I was 10 centimeters dilated, and ready to push!  9 minutes later Josephine was born!   Only 9 minutes of pushing!  After the first push they said, “The baby is crowning.”  I was shocked!  With Faith, I had to push for 2 hours.  The only thing that was easier delivering a second baby was the time it took; a short labor and even shorter delivery.

I would say that active labor was from around 7 am until 11:47 am when she was born.  So about 5 hours of true labor.  Labor was much much shorter than I expected.  With Faith I started having painful contractions about 12 hours after the Cervidil was placed… and then finally delivered her almost 20 hours later!  So I had about 20 hours of active labor with Faith!  I would say that this labor/delivery was better based on the time it took… but if I had to compare the pain level… laboring with Josephine was pure torture.

Looking back on my labor, I think it was much more painful because I was dilating much faster than I had with Faith.  I think because my cervix was opening so much quicker, my body couldn’t keep up with the increasing pain this time.  I mean, it was only 5 hours of active labor this time compared to about 20 hours of active labor with Faith.  I also think that I must have already been pretty close to 10 centimeters dilated when I asked for the epidural.  They didn’t check me before the epidural.  I wish they would have because they may have told me I was already close to pushing, and I wonder then if I would have just refused the epidural if I was so close to delivering.

She was born 7 lbs and 1 oz!  Almost a full pound less than Faith, and she is very petite.  She has skinny little chicken legs like me.  She has long toes and long delicate little fingers.  Her eyes are already turning blue.  Her dark hair has blond highlights, and her eyelashes are all blond!  I thought she would look more like Faith but she’s her own little person.  Our little Josephine :)


Josephine’s blood sugars have all been normal so my gestational diabetes has not negatively affected her.  She passed all her newborn screening tests.  No heart defects and perfect hearing.  She is alert, happy and healthy!   I feel so sad for her though.  She had her poor heals poked at for blood sugar testing several times a day for the time she was in the hospital.  They were constantly squeezing her little heals until they turned purple just so they can get the blood out!  They are so bruised and scattered with tiny little purple dots where the needles went in.  And if that wasn’t bad enough… they also had to poke her heals for all the standard newborn screenings that needed to be done.  She is a tough girl though.  She cried a lot, but there were a few times she didn’t even whimper.  I’m just glad it’s over for her!As for my health… my blood sugars have rose since they had me stop taking the Glyburide.  The hospital food they gave me made my blood sugar spike.  My fasting blood glucose is high just like it was before taking Glyburide.  They say it can take 6 to 12 weeks for my blood sugars to normalize, but I’m just not optimistic :(  I’ve read that 80 to 90% of women have normal blood sugars right after delivery.  I’m not one of them.  Every single morning since I gave birth, my fasting blood sugars have all been above 110.  It should be below 95.   I’m losing weight fast.  I was 145 after giving birth last week, and now I am 139.  I know that rapid weight loss can be a sign of diabetes… but I also know that rapid weight loss can happen if you breastfeed exclusively.  So I’m not sure why I’m losing weight, but I’m glad I am!  Losing weight really helps your pancreas control insulin better.  So this weight loss could normalize my blood sugar.

A couple days after we were home, we had a little “meet and greet” party for Josephine. Friends and neighbors that haven’t see her yet came by, munched on some snacks and engaged in some meaningful baby-talk.  It was wonderful!



This is my boss and friend of 16 years meeting BabyJo for the first time :)



This is my Realtor and long time friend, Marci :)



Neighbors Steve and Linda :)



My neighbor, Deborah :)



Neighbors Grady, Marilyn and their grandkids :)





I really enjoyed our little party and I can’t wait to show Josephine off to the rest of the neighborhood when I get the chance! :)


Here is Josephine’s video debut! …


More good news to update you all on! … We found our perfect home!  We made an offer!  The offer was accepted!  And even better news for all my neighbors that I love so much… our new home is just a few streets away!  So you’re still my neighbors!  I can walk to your homes!  Goodness, when I told you all that we’re still staying in town… I didn’t think it would still be in the same neighborhood!  Yay!  GOD IS GOOD!!!


This new home has twice the sq ft as our old home!  Tons of space!  A full finished basement!  Walk-in closets. Cathedral ceilings, and even 9 ft ceilings in the basement!  It’s on a dead-end street so very little traffic!  A nice sized backyard and a huge multi-level backyard deck! It also has a brand new roof, furnace, AC and water heater!  Built in 1992.  No major upgrades needed! It’s everything we’ve been looking for!  So much room to grow as a family!  And right in town!  We are so blessed!

More good news!  Aaron is no longer laid off!  He went back to work today!  Thank you Jesus!  Now we have to start packing.  We should hopefully be moving near the end of June.  Faith’s birthday is July 3rd, so we may have to postpone her birthday party because we will probably be moving into our new home that weekend!  This is going to be such a busy summer!

Like I said, life is moving fast!  Just last week I had a baby, and just yesterday our offer was accepted on our new home!  Next week will be my graduation ceremony!  So many life changes happening all at once.  I’m holding God’s hand and following Him… but it’s hard to keep up while He’s running!  This is no leisurely stroll!  And I love it!!! :)


Breaking News!!!… Josephine’s umbilical cord just fell off!  She has the cutest little belly button! :)



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