Faith is growing up!

My first born baby girl is growing and changing every single day.  She is always a constant surprise and always always makes me laugh!  She’s a beautiful tom-boy.  She is a total Daddy’s girl.  She loves playing video games and wrestling around with daddy.  She’s not a fan of “girly clothes” but when she does wear something pretty she loves acting the part!  She poses and bats those big eyelashes.  She is a ham in front of the camera.  She has such a bright and sparkling personality.  Next year she will be in Kindergarten!  How time flies.  It truly does.






In June we found out Faith was allergic to cashews!  I posted the details on my Facebook.  Please follow me on Facebook if you want to see more updates or photos of the girls!  Thanks for following my blog! :)

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Baby Jo Update

I am a terrible mother.  I haven’t blogged about our new baby girl very much since she was born, and now she is a healthy and happy 3 month old!

She loves baby talk now.  She coos and giggles all the time!  She can reach out and grab toys like a pro and she loves putting everything in her mouth.  Faith never really cared for baby toys at her age, and she hardly ever put toys in her mouth.  Josephine LOVES chewing on her fingers, her blanket, toys, just everything.  I do believe she has already begun teething!  She gets very crabby sometimes and is constantly rubbing her gums with her fists. She’s had a stuffy nose lately, and is drooling lots!  All signs of teething.  No fever though.

We’ve had a new medical concern with Josephine.  I’ve noticed when I change her diapers and wipe her clean that she has no vaginal opening.  She pees regularly so I know nothing is closed up in that area, however, the rest of her vagina is closed.  At first I dismissed it because she is just a tiny baby, but the other day when I was cleaning off diaper rash cream, I noticed that it just doesn’t look right.

I made an appointment with the pediatrician for the following day.  It turns out it is called labia adhesion. It means the inner lips of her vagina have become stuck together. The area that’s joined may be just a small section, or it may be extensive. This happens to about 2 percent of girls up to age 6 in the United States, and while the condition can be unsettling for parents, in most cases it’s nothing to worry about. Some baby girls just seem predisposed to it. Experts think adhesion happens when the labia become irritated and raw — possibly from wet or dirty diapers or scented detergent or soap — then fuse together as they heal. Estrogen also seems to play a role: Adhesion tends to develop at about 3 months, just after the estrogen a baby received at birth from Mom has tapered off.

Josephine has never had any major rashes so I don’t believe it was due to irritation.  In fact, I noticed this soon after she was born.  This is why her pediatrician suggested she see a urologist.  An ultrasound will be done to make sure Jo has a fully developed uterus and ovaries.  If her lack of a vaginal opening is something that happened in the womb, then there could be a chance her reproductive organs may not have fully developed.  Her pediatrician is not worried though.  He said that he has seen labia adhesion before and he said that’s what it looks like to him.

Labia adhesion sometimes resolves on its own.  In time it could unseal.  Also, when a girl reaches puberty her own hormones usually help the labia unseal.  However, Jo’s pediatrician prescribed an estrogen cream to be applied twice a day and in a few weeks it should unseal and be back to normal.

We couldn’t pick up the cream yet because we are having issues with getting Josephine on our insurance.  Without insurance, the cream is $400!   It is ok to wait to get the cream because her labia adhesion will not affect her health.  Hopefully we can get it soon.  I am waiting for Urology to call me and set up her appointment.

Yes, I freaked out a little bit when I heard about this because I didn’t know things like this happen!  But I’m counting my blessings that this is not a life threatening issue.  Thank you, Jesus.   We just have to pray that Josephine has a fully developed reproductive system.  I know more than likely there is nothing to worry about but the fact that she needs to be checked out via ultrasound just to make sure everything is normal and healthy scares me.

She is an extremely happy and healthy baby otherwise.  She has a great appetite and she has regular wet and poopy diapers.  She is very alert, talkative and playful.  She sleeps way better at night than Faith ever did!  So I know I shouldn’t worry.