Faith’s 4 year check-up!

Well, it was finally time for Faith to get her 4 year check-up.  We talked to her about the fact that she would be getting some shots during this visit.  She said, “I will try and be brave.”   She did great!  She held still while two nurses gave her the immunizations in each arm at the same time!  One, two, three, DONE.  She cried but not for very long.  I was so proud of her that she held as still as she could.  She was brave!

Daddy and Jo were with us.  Afterwards we all went to the store and bought Faith a little gift for being so good.  She picked out a toy flip phone (which she is using to memorize my phone number.)  Aaron also got her a mini bowling ball set to play with.

All in all… it was a good day :)  My baby girl is growing up!  I can’t believe next year she will be in Kindergarten!


Love that smile :)

5 Months Old!

A lot has happened this past month.  Shortly after Josephine turned 4 months old, 3 days later my father died unexpectedly.  This last month has been a whirlwind of emotions for me and honestly.. I don’t have it in me to blog very much.

But I know it would be good for me to write out my thoughts and feelings, not only for myself but also for my daughters.  I want them to know who their grandpa was. I will be blogging about my daddy soon.

For now.. here is Josephine’s 5 month photos!