Thanksgiving 2016

I hosted my first Thanksgiving for my family in my new home, and it was a success! Although bittersweet as this is also our first Thanksgiving without my Daddy, and also my Grandma… it was a wonderful time. I really enjoyed going through all these photos! 

This is our first Thanksgiving without my Grandma and Daddy. So I put up a photo of them. Everyone loved the photo. I know they were both there in spirit.


I also made a rum cake! I soaked this yellow cake in rum! It was good!


My cousin’s birthday is on Thanksgiving, so every year we stick a candle in the pumpkin pie! It’s tradition!


Ever since I was a little girl, my Uncle Jon would pop out his fake tooth to get a reaction out of me! Now, he is continuing his awesome goofiness with my little girl :)



Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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