Dental Cleaning

Faith is about to get her teeth cleaned.  Praying all goes smoothly. She’s happy right now but all can change once she’s in that chair! 

Update.  We are home now and she did great!  No tears and no cavities except for one small one.  However, the dentist noticed that the back of her front teeth are worn and they asked if she has acid reflux.  I said, “No not that I know of. She never complains of tummy trouble for heartburn or her throat hurting.”  The dentist said that there is such a thing as “silent gerd” where there are no problematic symptoms. Faith is show classic signs on her teeth where acid has been wearing away at her enamel.  They think that the acid may be acting up when she sleeps and it’s sitting on her teeth throughout the night – even though Faith never wakes up complaining of anything.  

They took some photos of the back of her teeth so I can share it with her pediatrician.  The dark line around the edges of her teeth shouldn’t be there.  They said that this is damaged and weakening enamel.  

So, now I have to make an appointment with her pediatrician to get her checked out.  Hopefully it is nothing serious and also something she will grow out of.  Poor girl, she has enough problems already with allergies, asthma, a nut allergy and also cold urticaria.  I’d hate to think that there could be another health issue she has to deal with :(   Please pray.

Update. It’s 10pm and Faith just woke up, mumbled something to me then went to the bathroom and peed on the floor. I think she was still asleep. She never did this before.  When I asked her what happened, she was trying to explain herself but wasn’t making sense.  Poor thing.  Maybe the stress of her earlier dentist appointment caused her to sleepwalk and have an accident? 

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