Jo won’t eat

Josephine is 8 months old now and she is starting to have the same eating issues as Faith did when she began solids. She likes certain foods (savory foods like chicken broth or beef broth or mashed potatoes) but most baby foods that I give her (like pureed sweet potatoes or bananas or apples) she gags on.

I just tried to give her some small pea-sized pieces of Baby Mum Mum’s which is a dissolvable rice cake for babies. She seemed to chew on them without gagging and was pretty successful at eating those pieces. I can’t say I really saw her swallow them since they quickly dissolve in her mouth. Anyway, I put the Box away after  giving her about 10 pieces. She seemed fine. But then she started looking nauseous and she threw everything up.

Faith had issues with gagging but she never threw anything up. Josephine is not liking solids and when she begins gagging she just wants to puke everything up. This has happened every time I’ve tried to feed her solids since she was 5 months old.

Needless to say, the majority of her calories still comes from breast milk.

Once again, I’m going to have to discuss with her pediatrician the problems she has when eating solids.

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