Sick JoJo

Late last night Josephine went diarrhea and seemed generally uncomfortable. It was hard for her to get to sleep. She was awake for most of the night. She was having major tummy troubles, and she threw up a few times. Finally at about 4 a.m.  she took some milk and kept it down. She fell asleep for about an hour. this morning she seems happy and active, however, she did go diarrhea two more times. Now she is starting to get some small red blotchy areas on her face. She has no fever and there’s no irritation or redness anywhere else on her body. It looks like she’s fighting some kind of infection. But I also wonder if this could be symptoms of teeth about to cut through? Her two front top teeth are just below the surface of her gums. Her gums are very very swollen.

Whatever the problem is, I sure hope it goes away very soon because I am one tired mama.

At least right now she seems alright and she is playing happily on the floor.

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