Jo is 9 months old!

Goodness there’s lots of new and exciting info about Miss Josephine!

Her two top front teeth are just about to push through any day now!  

She has now figured out how to crawl.  She is exploring every nook and cranny now!  

Jo’s personality is really coming through now that she is mobile.  I get to see her choices on where she would like to go, and what trouble she wants to get into lol.  She LOVES crawling towards things she knows she’s NOT suppose to mess with.  The plugs (even though they’re covered with the child-proof caps… she still tries to pry them loose!)  She pulls on cable cords.  She pulls up the floor vents.  She moves the kitchen chairs back and forth so it constantly makes a loud squeaky noise.  Every time I grab her up and set her down near her toys, she throws a fit!  She then slowly makes her way back to the plugs, floor vents, cords, etc.  She will keep inching closer and closer … looking back at me to see what I do.  She KNOWS she’s not suppose to do it again… but there she goes.  Scooting that butt across the floor. Once she gets back to where she was, I would call out, “J O S E P H I N E….”  Then she would freeze, and not look at me.  It’s so funny because I think she thinks when she holds real still I can’t see her!  

Goodness she’s keeping me on my toes.  Faith was never like that lol!  Once I told Faith not to touch something, she just wouldn’t!  It’s true!  She never needed to go into a playpen.  Jo on the other hand… I don’t know lol…. I may have to begin to restrain her!   

Oh, and Josephine has a fiery temper.  She has begun to yell when mad.  It’s so cute and funny… but it makes me wonder how she’s going to be when she’s older!  She definitely has a Carpenter temper! :)

She says “Mama,” “baba,” and “Dada” sometimes.  She also knows how to make a clicking noise with her tongue.  She plays patty cake and loves making high-pitched squeals.   She even has a fake laugh!  She’s such a character.

Her 9 month baby check-up is in a few days.  I am a little concerned about her weight.  She has little interest in baby food.  At her last appointment she was in the 5th percentile for her weight.   So I hope her upcoming doctor appointment goes well!




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  1. She is adventurous so she will be fearless at all life’s challenges. She will be strong, independent and most likely enjoy hard work. She will probably get hurt allot but that won’t stop her from going after what she wants. She is smart enough at this age to freeze and “become invisible” so she will learn quickly how to stay out of trouble ;-)

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