Jo’s 9 Month Check-up

Josephine is still in the 5th percentile for her weight but she is growing and thriving.  Her pediatrician is not worried at all.  She is just a perfectly petite and healthy baby.  She is in the 66 percentile for her height and 90 percentile for her head circumference.  She is steadily rising on her growth curve.

They didn’t give any immunizations today.  Only a finger prick to check for lead, iron levels, etc.  Everything came back perfect!

She didn’t like her finger getting poked.  Poor thing cried, but not for long!  My tough girl.  She kept showing me her finger with the band-aid on it after it was over.  As if to say, “What is this mommy?”  So cute.  

She’s showing me her band-aid…


She kept trying to pull it off.


As for her lack of interest in baby food.. her pediatrician says to keep exposing her to more foods and told me not to worry so much about her gagging.  “She will be fine!” Lol!  He’s right.  He told me to give her some Cheerios and then, “just walk away.”  My husband laughed at that.  But I agree.  I have to let Jo figure out this eating thing on her own!  

While we were there, Faith had to go pee so Aaron took her to the bathroom while I was talking with the pediatrician.  When they came back, Faith was crying.  She said her peepee hurt.  So they had her pee in a cup.  The results came back normal.  No urinary tract infection.  Earlier today she had a bath and maybe her skin got irritated down there?   She’s went pee again just a bit ago and had no complaints so I guess it’s nothing to worry about.  Just wish I knew what was wrong though.

All in all… a good visit.  Both girls are healthy! :)

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