Jo is 11 Months Old

My sweet Josephine Ruth Carpenter is already 11 months old.  It feels like time has moved even more swiftly with her, than with Faith.  She keeps me busy… both of them do!  And before I knew it… almost a whole year has passed.



She has developed such a unique personality.  She is very empathetic.  The moment she hears Faith cry, she stops whatever she is doing and goes to comfort her.  However, Jo is extremely feisty, too!  She has a temper, and she likes to rough-house.  She smacks me in the face often, and finds it funny.  I can tell her “No.” til the cows come home, and she will keep on doing it.  BUT the moment I pretend to cry… she stops immediately and hugs me.  She looks up at me with big eyes and still holds me close until she sees me smile.  Oh goodness, that girl.

Her ultimate favorite song and video on Youtube is “Girls just wanna have fun” by Cyndi Lauper.  She has listened to that song thousands of times, and it NEVER gets old for her. 

Her favorite toys are her little plastic donkey, and baby dolls.  She hugs her baby dolls and pats their backs while she holds them.  It’s so adorable.  God has truly given her the gift of comfort and compassion toward others.  It’s amazing to watch such a little baby behave this way.  

She has learned to pull herself up all on her own now, but she is still not quite ready to take those first steps all on her own.  She only takes a step or two with help from Aaron or myself.

Last week I took Jo to her pediatrician.  She was having some orange stains in her diapers that I have never seen before.  


They needed a urine sample from her, and unfortunately they had to use a catheter to get it.  It tested positive for a urinary tract infection.  She is now on antibiotics.  Tomorrow I will find out the additional tests they’ve done on her urine.  They wanted to further check for any other bacterial growth that might be there.  

Children under 6 years of age (and especially babies) having a UTI is uncommon.  The pediatrician said that if a child has 2 UTI’s under 6 years of age, they have to see a urologist because it might be something more serious.  For example, something wrong with her kidneys.  Please pray that tomorrow’s test results show nothing of major concern, and that Josephine will heal completely from her infection.


Next month will be Jo’s very first birthday!  I am so excited to start preparations for her party!  My sweet Josephine :)

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