Update on Jo’s UTI

I mentioned in my previous post that Josephine has a urinary tract infection.  She doesn’t have a fever.  The only noticeable symptoms were foul smelling urine and orange stains in a couple of her overnight diapers.  


This is why I took her to the pediatrician a few days ago.  Thank God I did.  They had to use a catheter to take a urine sample.  It came by positive for a UTI… and today I also found out that Jo’s urine culture came back positive for a bacteria called Klebsiella.  

From what I’ve read, it’s a superbug that can be resistant to many types of antibiotics.  Klebsiella is one of the top five bacteria involved in hospital-acquired infections, causing pneumonia, wound infections and urinary tract infections. (ABC Science)

Another source said, “Klebsiella [kleb−see−ell−uh] is a type of Gram-negative bacteria that can cause different types of healthcare-associated infections, including pneumonia, bloodstream infections (sepsis), wound or surgical site infections, and meningitis.” (CDC)

Those are some serious life-threatening complications!

Another source said, “The Gram-negative bacteria Klebsiella pneumoniae is a major cause of nosocomial infections.”  Nonsocomial means,  “(of a disease) originating in a hospital.” 

So… this bacteria is usually hospital-acquired.  It’s considered a healthcare-associated infection.  Nonsocomial.  That must mean that my poor Josephine got this a few weeks ago when we took Faith to the emergency room to get stitches in her chin!


Or… she could have got it at the pediatrician’s office when we took Faith to get her stitches out?


It’s spread from person-to-person contact.  It’s not airborne.  The only thing I can think of is that I got the bacteria on my hands at the hospital or pediatrician’s office, and when I changed Jo’s diapers, the bacteria got on her which caused the UTI???   

I’m so upset. I’m so worried. From what I’ve read, this strain of bacteria is highly resistant to a wide variety of antibiotics.  I trust that her pediatrician chose the correct antibiotic for her.  He did say that klebsiella is sensitive to Cephalexin which is the antibiotic she is taking.  So that’s good.  My concern however is … what if it comes back after she finishes her course of antibiotics?   Her smelly urine is gone which is good.  I haven’t noticed any new orange stains in her diapers, either.  I’m still worried though.   What if these antibiotics are simply keeping her infection at bay, and when she finishes the course… the bacteria re-populate?  Couldn’t that happen with a resistant strain of bacteria?  

Like I said, she hasn’t had a fever.  But I wish I had known sooner!  I hate that she has had this bacteria growing inside her for WEEKS without me knowing!   

I have to call back the pediatrician and ask him if this infection could develop into pneumonia, sepsis or meningitis if the antibiotics don’t successfully eliminate the infection.

I know I am probably over-worrying and thinking about things that most likely will not happen.  But any mother would worry when this happens to a young baby, and not an older healthy adult.

Right now she is sleeping soundly.  


Jo is beginning to hate the taste of her antibiotics.  It was difficult for me to give her the full dose this morning.  She is refusing to open her mouth.  Please keep her in your prayers and pray she stops being so stubborn and takes her medicine for me!

Also please pray that this bacteria does NOT spread.  I am washing my hands after each diaper changing.  So will Aaron.  I don’t want Faith to somehow get this bacteria.  I pray none of us do. 


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  1. Prayers for your little angel to get 100% better quickly and no one else in the house contracts this. Hugs to you my friend, I’m so sorry to hear your going through this!

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