Jo’s Check-up

I forgot to update you all about Jo’s UTI and her positive test for that superbug Klebsiella.   The antibiotics were almost impossible to give her.  In fact, she never took the full dose needed daily.  She would choke and vomit.  Fortunately, the infection did clear up, and her dark urine stains in her diaper disappeared almost immediately.  

Unfortunately, after her round of antibiotics, she developed a double ear infection (which I mentioned previously in Jo’s birthday post.)  So, again Jo had to have another round of antibiotics, but she would NOT take it.  

I called the pediatrician and told him that Jo just refuses.  So now Jo had a follow-up appointment with her pediatrician just to make sure her ear infection is going away or getting worse.

Thank goodness, it’s going away on its own!  She still has a bit of an ear infection, but it IS clearing up he said!  I’m so glad because if it had gotten worse.. she would have had to get a shot of antibiotics, and I hear that is extremely painful and only used as a last resort.

She was happy playing in the waiting room.  Jo’s hair is turning redder and redder.  Here’s a photo of her next to a true read-head and boy, to their heads of hair look alike!


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