Faith has an adult tooth!?

Faith already has an adult tooth growing… before her first visit from the tooth fairy!  Yep, she has an adult tooth growing behind a baby tooth.  It turns out, Aaron had the same thing happen to his teeth when he was her age!


See those two little white dots behind her baby tooth? That’s her adult tooth that has already erupted.

I read that this is called “shark teeth” and that it’s common in children. Aaron said this happened to his teeth when he was a child.

I read that this usually isn’t a problem as long as the baby teeth are loose and eventually fall out. I’m encouraging Faith to wiggle her baby teeth so they will fall out soon.

If they don’t fall out, then she will have to have them pulled in order for the adult teeth to grow in place properly.


She thinks it’s cool that she has “shark teeth!”


Update: 6-1-17

Here is what Faith’s adult tooth now looks like.  Her baby tooth in front is a little looser, but not enough.  I have to keep reminding her to wiggle it!


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