Faith donated her super long princess hair!

So… now that Kindergarten is about to start up.  I’ve been debating on whether or not I should get Faith’s hair cut so it can be more manageable.

Her curls, as you all know, are very unruly.  She looks like a feral child most of the time.  I always have it pulled back in a ponytail or a braid just to minimize the amount of tangles she gets.  It takes a very long time to get out all of the tangles.

The process goes like this…

  1. Faith gets in the tub.
  2. I wet her hair and shampoo it.
  3. Rinse and then apply conditioner liberally.
  4. Then, I proceed to gently and slowly… so very slowly… get all of the tangles out.

This is the ONLY time I brush/comb her hair.  It’s IMPOSSIBLE to get out tangles when it’s dry.

Well… when school starts, I can’t very well send her off looking like the feral child she is.  So, I have to cut it.  And Faith WANTS a short haircut!  So no argument from her.  However, I LOVE her curls and so does everyone that sees her.  Strangers always stop her in the store and compliment her hair.

As you can see, it is SUPER LONG.  


I was wanting it to be shoulder length.  I realized that her beautiful hair is long enough to be donated.  So that’s what we did!





We mailed off her luscious locks to a non-profit organization called Children with Hair Loss.  What’s special about this organization is that they give wigs to children for FREE every single year until they are 21 years old!

I explained to Faith how wonderful it was of her to give her hair to another little girl. Children with Hair Loss will make a beautiful wig out of it and give it to a girl who wishes she had long princess hair.  I’m not sure if Faith fully understands how special this is, which is why I wanted to document her experience.  Some day when she’s older she will have a better understanding of how important it is to help others in need, and maybe she will want to donate her hair again someday :)

After she finished up at the salon, we let her pick out a new toy.


She loves that dentist PlayDoh game, and I LOVE how easy it is to brush her hair now!  Seriously, it takes about 5 minutes to wash and brush her hair.  It use to take about 20 minutes!!!  She’s happy, I’m happy, and we hope and pray Faith’s hair makes another girl happy :)



Such a beauty, no matter what length her hair :)

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