Faith’s 5th Bday!

We’re so excited to celebrate Faith becoming a big 5 YEAR OLD! This is a milestone birthday for her. Turning 5 means big changes coming! School starts in August! She will go from being home all day to being in Kindergarten ALL DAY! Her baby teeth are getting loose, and she already has her first adult tooth! She is growing up! She gets a bit nervous when thinking about all the “big girl” things in her future, but she is excited, too! Let’s make her birthday a special celebration for her! Turning 5 is a big deal, and we’re all here to cheer her on! You go girl! She says, “I’m the Hulk!” That’s her way of saying she’s BRAVE! Yes… and she want’s a Hulk themed birthday :) You got it, Ms. Hulk Carpenter!!!

So here it is! Faith’s Hulk Birthday party!


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