Faith, Josephine, and the Dr. appointments :(

Faith and Josephine both had doctor appointments today, and I’m so glad Aaron was here to help. Faith had allergy testing done. Josephine had an 18-month checkup. And both of them also got flu shots. There were lots of tears. I’m just so glad they’re home and comfortable now.



First Faith …  

Allergy skin prick test rating 1 – 4 with 4 being the most allergic:

Cashews – 4+
Pistachios – 4+
She tested negative for all other nuts! Yay!!!!

Ash trees – 3+

Pigweed, rough/redroot weed, and nettle weed – 3+

Alternaria mold, aspergillus fumingatus mold, candida, and penicillium notatum – 3+

D.p. mites – 3+
Cats and dogs – 4+
Mice – 4+

Now at least we know exactly what she is allergic to!  If you remember last year in June of 2016, Faith ate a cashew and her throat got scratchy and the inside of her cheek swelled.  More details from that blog post … Faith is growing up!

She was a trooper during her skin prick test! She laid on her belly.  She cried and wiggled around some, but all in all she did really well.  She was happy when it was over.  


Now Josephine…

She is underweight.  She has a history of ear infections and has been on several rounds of antibiotics this past year.  This most recent round of antibiotics gave her horrible diarrhea and she lost weight because of it.  Now, Jo is not even on the charts for her age.  At 18 months old she should be AT LEAST 22 pounds.  She is 17 pounds :(

She is now on a high calorie diet.  Out of desperation for her to gain weight we are giving her ANYTHING that is high in fat, carbs and calories.  Donuts for breakfast. Butter on all of her veggies, extra butter in her mashed potatoes and on her sweet potatoes.  Extra butter in the pan when I make her scrambled eggs.  McDonalds chocolate shakes and fries.  We are trying everything we can to get her to eat more food.


Lol. The butter was just a photo prop ;) 

I have had no success weaning her off breast milk and switching to whole cow’s milk.  She hates cow’s milk.  We have tried Pediasure (all flavors) to get the extra calories in her… she hates them all.  She only drinks water lightly flavored with a bit of juice.  She loves that, but that’s not rich in calories.  She is a fruit and veggie lover, but we are making her eat more fatty, carb-loaded foods.  Extra butter in her mac and cheese, too.  Cookies whenever she wants one.  And COUNTLESS spoonfuls of peanut butter in-between meals.  And I am still nursing her because that’s the only milk she will take.  I want to take advantage of every opportunity to give her calories… even when she wakes up at night… I nurse her still. 

She has to go back to the pediatrician in a month for a weight check.  Wish us luck.

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