Sick again :(

Poor Josephine.  Everything that happened on November 2nd through the 4th was posted on Facebook, to let my friends and family know immediately what was going on.  I transferred it all here to this blog post.


November 2 at 12:13am – Jo had fever of 103.5. Ibuprofen took it down to 101 finally a little after 1 am.  She has never had a fever this high before.

November 2 at 1:17am – She can’t breathe through her nose. I’m giving her water through a medicine syringe to keep her mouth moist. I gave her some Benadryl. Seems to be helping a little.


November 2 at 2:40pm – Josephine’s fever kept rising quickly 6 hrs after each dose of ibuprofen so we took her into the pediatrician. The good news is her ears are clear! (If you remember, she has a history of constant ear infections.) No ear infections this time! Her lungs are clear so no respiratory infection! She obviously has a very bad sinus infection and possibly something viral as well so they prescribed, yet again, amoxicillin for 10 days. I hate all of the antibiotics she’s been on, but this time because of her high fever I believe she really needs it. Hopefully she will have a better night tonight.  

By the way, she has gained 6 ounces in one week!  Remember at her recent 18 month check-up I mentioned she is underweight and we’re loading her up with lots of high-calorie foods?  Well, so far it’s working! Yay!!!  I worry though if this sickness she is fighting through will make her lose weight, again :(

November 2 at 5:15pm – Her fever is 103.3 and she’s not even due for her next dose of ibuprofen yet. She still has another hour to go. I gave her a bath but it didn’t bring the fever down. She hates when I put a cool cloth on her head.  She cries and cries.

November 2 at 5:36pm – Fever of 104.3.  I’m getting worried. She’s sound asleep right now and breathing through her nose and I already gave her the first dose of amoxicillin but I’m worried about her fever spiking high again before she’s ready for her next dose of ibuprofen.

November 2 at 8:13pm – We are in the ER. Nurse took a rectal temperature – 100.1. (I gave her ibuprofen at 6pm but her fussiness was getting worse and the ear thermometer still read a temp of 103.) Waiting to be seen by a doctor.

November 2 at 10:27pm – IV fluids, blood work, and swab tests. She was swaddled in a sheet to keep her from wiggling too much.  I knelt close to her face as they searched for a vein to place the I.V.  She was crying her eyes out.  I told her to look at me and she listened. She kept her face close to mine and fought through the pain. My sweet girl. I hate this. Waiting on results. They are testing for strep, rsv, pneumonia, flu, checking white blood cell count, and checking for any bacteria in blood. Tylenol suppository, and her fever is at 100. She’s resting.

November 2 at 11:56pm – Fever at 99.4. Still waiting on some test results.

November 3 at 12:25am – Faith was so exhausted.  Aaron, too.  Finally getting a little rest.

Josephine was the most exhausted. She was finally getting a little bit of rest while no one was around to poke and prod her.

November 3 at 1:46am – 1:30 am. We’re home. She’s doing ok. Fever down. No pneumonia, strep, rsv, flu … they tested for lots of things and all came back normal. She also had a chest x-ray just to completely rule out pneumonia. They noticed some congestion in the lungs but they said that it’s normal due to this cold virus she’s fighting. She had a racing heartbeat though, and rapid breathing which resolved once they gave her IV fluids. Heart rate should be between 80 and 130 for her age and it was 198!… after IV fluids it was down to 115. She is sleeping better and more comfortable now so it’s good we went to the ER. She is hydrated now and is tolerating the Tylenol suppositories which is greatly helping reduce the fever. It came down to 99.4. She still has a nasty virus so please pray she gets over this quickly.

November 3 at 5:05pm – She’s been sleeping a lot today. We all have been resting and napping. Still no fever so I think she is over the worst of it. She is just very tired and all she wants to do is nurse and sleep. I’m so glad she’s comfortable with not much crying or fussing.

November 3 at 5:51pm – I spoke too soon. The fever is climbing back up. More ibuprofen and another Tylenol suppository. I know this will help bring down the fever again. Poor girl.

November 4 at 1:09pm – Her fever is down to 99 again but all she wants to do is nurse. She has not wanted to get off my lap all day long. I’m starting to get a fever now, too.  

Faith is feeling ok though :)

November 4 at 4:21pm – She’s been on my lap most of the day. Doesn’t even want to walk around. She hasn’t ate a thing. Only wants to nurse.
November 4 at 10:16pm – Just this past hour she has perked up nicely. She has been walking around trying to bite me LOL!
Today is my Daddy’s birthday.  I know he is watching over our sweet Josephine.  Happy birthday in Heaven, Daddy <3
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