Jo’s weight check

Today Jo went to her follow-up appointment to check her weight and see if she’s gained.  If you remember on my recent post (Faith, Josephine, and the Dr. appointments) I mentioned that Jo went in for her 18 month check-up and they were concerned about her weight.  She was only 17 pounds and not even on the charts for her weight.  For her age, she should be at least 22 pounds. She is on a high-calorie diet and today they wanted to see if she has gained.   Well, she lost weight.  She is 16 lbs. 12oz.

Her pediatrician decided to draw some blood :(  

Jo was already nervous about being there, so as soon as we walked inside, I told her, “It’s ok! They’re just going to weigh you and then we’ll go home.”  She looked up at me and nodded, yes, as if she understood.  

I felt like I let her down.  I felt like I lied to her.  I really didn’t think they would draw blood.  She’s petite. She’s always been tiny.  As a child I was tiny.  Aaron was tiny too when he was a kid.  I just didn’t think they would want testing done.  It broke my heart.

As we waited for the nurses to come in for the blood test, we played on my phone to distract her from her nerves.


It broke my heart to see her fear when the nurses came in and I had to lay her on the table.  She was looking up at me and immediately started bawling.

Faith sat still in her chair while I stood next to Jo.  I whispered in her ear that it would be ok as they tied the tourniquet around her arm.  They poked her and got a vial of blood, but not enough.  Then, they said they need to try the other arm!  She was crying and saying, “Mama! Mamama!”  Even with the second arm, her blood flow slowed and they still didn’t get enough.  It took what seemed like forever because they were trying to get as much blood as possible. The nurse from the lab said she will try and use what blood they got for all the things they were going to test her for.  It turned out that they only skipped one test.  It was a test to see if there was any inflammation in her body.  

The other tests were for her thyroid, and a few other things I can’t quite remember what they were.  But they all came back normal. Thank God.  

On the drive home, Josephine stared blankly out the window.  She was thinking of what she had went through.  I hate this trauma that she has been through.  Both her little arms were bruised.  She cried when I took off the bandaids and she hated looking at her arms.  It upset her so much.

The plan is to continue the high-calorie foods and take her back to her pediatrician again in a month for a weight check.  

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