Jo’s check-up

Josephine had her physical today at the pediatrician’s office.  She now has the green light to go ahead with her oral surgery under general anesthesia.  

Jo was weighed, and guess what!?  She gained a whopping 8 oz!!!  In two weeks!  YAY!!!  Her pediatrician was very happy to see her weight gain. First thing he said when he walked in, “She has gained a considerable amount of weight!” She now weighs 17lbs and 4 oz.  (Her last weight check was 16lbs 12oz).  She still is not even on the chart for her weight, BUT she has gained and we are happy :)

Something else I learned about Josephine is that she is very short for her age.  She is about 31 inches tall which puts her in about the 5th percentile for her height.  

According to what I’ve read online, her height is about that of a 15 month old, and her weight is about that of a 9 month old :(

Her head size is good.  She is in the 75th percentile for her 47.5 cm head circumference.  She has a big brain!  Smart girl :)  He is happy with her head size, and doesn’t seem to be too worried yet about her height.  It’s just her weight that is still a concern, but we are content that she has gained!


A big thumbs up for the happy news!!!  Well, Jo’s thumb is not up, but at least it’s not down lol!


He is not concerned about her upcoming dental procedure.  She doesn’t have any other health issues that will cause complications.  It is just her weight that he is concerned with.  However, her pediatrician and dentist agree that they can go ahead with anesthesia and get her dental work done.

Also, I mentioned to her pediatrician again about her history of ear infections and asked if ear tubes would be needed for her now or in the future.  He looked at her ears and for the first time ever… they were perfect!  He said, “They’re beautiful! No infection!”  Yay!  He said that ear tubes are not necessary, and he doesn’t suggest they have them put in while she is asleep for her dental work.  I’m relieved it’s one less thing we have to worry about!

Faith made a Christmas card for the pediatrician.  He loved it!  I made a video of her card so that Daddy can see it.  He was at work when we went to Jo’s appointment.  


Please keep Jo in your prayers.  I’m still so nervous about her upcoming procedure, and of course about her ongoing weight issues, but today was a good day!  Thank you, Jesus!


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