Jo’s weight check

Josephine had another weight check today and she gained 4 oz in two weeks!  Yay!  She now weighs 17 lbs 8 oz.  Her pediatrician said that she is back on her regular growth curve.  She is still not on the charts, BUT she is back on her own personal growth curve that she has steadily climbed at a normal pace since birth.  He is very happy to see that!  

I talked with her pediatrician about cutting out the sugary sweets, snacks and Pediasure because of her cavities.  Unfortunately this diet change may make Jo lose a little weight, but I just can’t keep her eating cookies and donuts because of her cavities.  

Josephine will have another weight check in 1 month.  Hopefully she will keep gaining.  

Please pray for Josephine tonight, and another prayer for her in the morning. After midnight tonight, she can’t have any food or drink. I expect this will cause a lot of stress on her since she is used to waking up about 5 times a night to nurse or to have a drink of water. Sometimes she just cannot fall asleep until she has nursed. Jo will undoubtedly be a blubbering mess by morning as we drive to the Surgery Center where she will go under general anesthesia to get cavities fixed. Her procedure is at 9:30 am.

Pediasure is a horribly surgery drink. Although it is great for weight gain in toddlers, it has wreaked havoc on Josephine’s teeth. I’m sure it’s like the average soda-drinking adult that brushes and flosses morning and night, but still gets cavities if they drink Mountain Dew all day! Well, this is how it has been for poor Jo. We try to get calories in her all day long. Lots of times it is sweets because she readily eats it without refusing. This is great because she is gaining the weight she needs to gain, but at the expense of her teeth.

I have to cut out all sugar from her diet and find a way to give her high-calorie foods that she will enjoy eating and not get tired of. She is obviously at high-risk for cavities so I think it will be best that she starts seeing the dentist every 3 months instead of every 6 months. The sooner we can fix any small cavities, the less time she will have to endure the procedure awake. I absolutely do not want to put her under general anesthesia again.

The girls had so much fun in the tub tonight.  Santa brought them some bath tub crayons.  This is their first time trying them.  They had even more fun when they realized they can draw on themselves! :)


I am a nervous wreck about tomorrow morning.  We will drop Faith off at school, and then we will go straight to the Surgery Center for Jo’s dental procedure.  Please pray for God’s protection.  Thank you.  I will keep you all posted.

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